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I am not afraid of absenteeism, I am not afraid of leaving early, I am not afraid of taking sick leave, but I am afraid of being late. What is late? After the time, I sneaked into my position in the eyes of the public. The inquiring eyes are like the stage spotlights. What's more, it's impossible to slip back to the position. It's impossible to avoid a few reprimands and make you shy. After I got late, I took my schoolbag and bent down to sneak in from the back door of the classroom. In fact, I said, when I After entering the visible range of everyone, it became one of the most eye-catching people. Some people cast curious eyes, some are indifferent, and some naughty children are gloating. One cross, two vertical, three long, four, this is the stroke of the 'foot'. you. Come and write it again. "The teacher is on the podium, pointing at me in the back of the classroom. This is like the wishes of the students, because there is a reason for Zhengda to see me as a latecomer. I raise my right hand, In the air, I stroked the strokes of the word "foot" in the air. You wrote it like this! Didn't you read the homework that I helped you change?" The teacher asked impatiently, the voice was raised, his eyes widened, her pony tail swayed as her head swayed. I don't want to answer my question. I don't think she wants to listen to me. I asked another classmate to write the strokes of the word "foot". I can feel the blood of my limbs pouring into my brain uncontrollably, my head is hot, my face is red, my face is standing upset, I am so shy that I think, should I thank her? Since this incident, I have rarely blushed. My ending can be imagined. The teacher asked me to hold the book and stand in the corner to listen to the class, and to inform the whole class. Today, I am late. It seems that all the problems are in the inexplicable "foot" word. In fact, at the age of seven, I understood that the teacher was not satisfied because of my lateness. "The ruler" was only a cause. Be aware that the teacher has always seldom punished children who are typo. Many years later, I read a sentence in a psychological magazine: "When you feel humiliated, childhood is over. I think the teacher of the year didn't know why I was late, why didn't I go to see her give me the correction? The homework. She didn't know that my left arm was dislocated that morning, and it was wrapped tightly Newport Cigarettes . Because it was winter, she couldn't see it. At that time, I was stupid and didn't explain. She didn't know, In the six years after this incident, no matter what course, I will participate on time. The most serious thing is that if conditions permit, I will arrive two hours in advance. She may never know, as a calligraphy teacher and a teacher of Guzheng. When I was still taking a nap, I went to the classroom door early. When the teacher was in the first class, I stayed at the door, and the fear and humiliation of my class in the second quarter was branded in my heart Wholesale Cigarettes . Everything is just for the possibility of being late any longer. Everyone may be as late as I am Newport Cigarettes Coupons , but also need to explain and be forgiven. If you are the most entitled to dispose of The person who arrives, please remember that you can make him aware of the mistake, but please don't let him feel a disgusting humiliation. Because no one knows, and they don't understand the reason why they are late, it is not clear. What kind of impact this will have on them. I think back now, the teacher is so, I am afraid that when I saw me, I thought that I was not hard enough to sleep too much. And she did not listen to me, I have no chance. Explain. Maybe someone laughs at me, even the things that are so smashed and smashed are unforgettable, but I always remember, I want to forget, I can��t forget, I can��t forget that the only thing I��m happy is that the ��late me�� was I stayed in the first language class on Wednesday, the se
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