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oilseed rape, sedge grass, and farmer's fertilizer. She was responsible for more than ten acres of land, waiting for her mother to serve, her mother was like a silent old ox. I only know how to work, and I can never do anything. She didn't have time to listen to me, and she didn't have the time to comb the petals. At noon, my mother rushed back from the ground. I had to cook for us, put down the bowl, and the sun was shining. Everyone else was still resting . The mother went to the ground. When it was dark, it went to the hillside. The grass dug the roots of the jujube, tied it up with a rope, and came back to burn the firewood. The darkness could not see the person, and the mother came back with the firewood higher than her. When I heard my mother coming back Marlboro Red , I shouted: Mom, I am starving, cook for me. ""Ok! "The mother used a towel to hit the dust on her body. After a while, the bellows of the kitchen rang... It was raining, and the mother sat on the hoe with her legs crossed, began to do needlework, paste, stick the upper, and let the soles give us Brothers and sisters make shoes, patch clothes, sew cotton coats, brothers and sisters, do more, have mothers a needle and a line of effort! Oh! At that time, the mother is both a man and a woman in the midsummer of a night, the air is filled with hot flashes Mixed with the taste of the wheat field, I didn��t know how to scream. Because I was bored, the three brothers went to the theater with the people in the village. In addition to my mother and my mother, there was only a small flying around the 15 watt bulb. Moth, I leaned against the hoe and looked at the book of the little man. The mother was at the bottom of the shoe. In the room, I only heard the sound of the needle in the mother��s hand passing through the sole of the shoe. I don��t know what time, I am sleepy. Falling down and falling asleep! My mother pushed me in a confused way: "Xiao Yan, there are thieves in the courtyard." My heart "plopped" and woke up, the room was dark, "What? "In my opinion, the thief must be in the face, or if there are three heads and six arms, otherwise it will not come out in the dark. I am groping along the banquet to prepare to pull the rope, trying to scare away the fear with the light, the mother pressed : "Don't pull the light, the thief will see only the trick. "Ah! My heartbeat is sharp, my beat is heavy and fast, I am shaking, shrinking in the corner of the sly, two lines of disappointing tears come to join in the fun, looking at the solid darkness, powerless and helpless! Just at this time, the yard In the chicken circle in the northwest corner, the chicken is called "����", not good, the thief wants to start! The mother opened her mouth in the dark: "I am not afraid, I have a way. "Mother's words didn't stop me from shaking like a sieve, mother, mother! The thief magic can go through the wall, steal the chicken, and then slam the door... It's over! At that moment I let the despair drown! Mother said Then he jumped down and stood in the hall outside the wing, pretending to cough a few times: "Zhou Li, Jin Li, hurry up, the thief baby steals the chicken! "Speaking, the mother took the shovel on the ground with the rounded iron shovel standing on the door, and made a harsh voice. "You two hurry Parliament Cigarettes , guy I am ready, shovel the dog's legs and see." Dare to come later? "The mother's screams, the sound of the shovel shovel quickly stirred the night. Half a ring, the chicken in the chicken ring was peaceful, not moving! The mother took a long sigh of relief and supported the door frame with a victory." The muzzle said: "It's okay, the thief scared away! "Looking at the mother in the darkness, my heart seems to be caught by something. For a long time, I haven��t breathed until after I have passed the door. The family has a life, and the mother��s face shows a lot of joy. With her daughter, she thinks of her mother, her heart is sour. In those difficult days, relying on her mother��s weak arms and rough hands, she has propped up this family and raised four children. The father is like a mountain, like water, in my opinion, the mother is the great mountain in my heart!

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